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"If you just have one moment of happiness, where you can feel that you’re happy, even if it just lasts for a minute. It’s worth a lot. Because I think people now, everyone does all of these things because they think they should be happy like all the time. If you’re happy all of the time, it’s difficult to acknowledge when you actually are happy." — Robert Pattinson

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NEW #BreakingDawn bloopers! Rob the troll!! LOL

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We understand each other without the words. Robert Pattinson

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School Corridor - Extended Scene (New Moon)

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Kristen Stewart on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

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“I like it when people aren’t afraid to express themselves — be it what they wear or how they behave. It’s annoying when people aren’t being themselves.”

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her color in black and white. stunning, shining!

Kristen Stewart on Twilight being anti-feminist (x)

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In fact, [Bella] is stronger than the guy she is with, emotionally. Fight for the thing you love—you are a remarkable person if you do it. It’s a cop-out to think that girl power is all about gusto and ballbusting.

"Pissing off my English man: accomplished!"

11.1.14, London

Rob is playing ‘Temple Run’ on his iPhone. He’s been alone in his home since 2 hours ago and that made him bored as hell. that’s why he’s now killing the time by… playing.

But after unsuccessful attempt to ‘run’ from that ‘temple’, he shut that game off and throws the phone beside him on the couch.

The phone light is still on. He glance at it momentarily, focusing on that little blue bird icon.

He reaches for it again and click that icon.


"HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" He shouted at no one in particular. His eyes are so big, staring at those holy-motherfucking-sexy-pics of Kristen ad for Rosabotanica.

He didn’t expect it to happen like this. He never expected it to ever happen like this. He never knew that Kristen will blow his mind up by this. He’s not ready to see this flawless-sexy-as-fuck pics of her.

Especially when he’s 5,347 miles away from her.

Especially when he cannot touch her.

"I’ll kill you, Kristen!" He mumbles under his breath.

Immediately, he pushes the home button on his phone and clicks the phone icon, dialing number 1 on his speed dial.

One ring..
Two ring..
Three ring..

He’s getting anxious second by second.

And finally, someone picks up the phone on the fourth ring.

K: “Can you not call at this early hour, Jesus!”

R: “Can you not feel what I feel?”

K: “What? You miss me already?” She smirks.

R: “What the fuck are you expecting me to react to those Rosabotanica ad?”

K: “Oh, you’ve seen it. It’s not the ad, tho, it’s the BTS of the ad.”

R: “Yes I’ve seen it and I don’t fucking care if it’s ad or BTS or whatever it is!”

K: “Can you tell me what’s going on, now? Because seriously, you made me wide awake at… 3 AM in the morning and I don’t even know what the problem is!”

R: “Seriously, Kristen, Don’t fucking do it to me.”

K: “Stop swearing, can you?”

R: “I fucking can’t.”

K: “Rob..”

R: “I fucking hate you.”

K: “You fucking love me.”

R: “Yes, and see how stupid I am?”

Kristen laughs and tries to imagine how red his face is right now. She likes it. She likes it when he’s getting angry.

K: “About the ad… It supposed to be like it. I wasn’t ‘bare’ tho, so what’s the problem?”

R: “Is thousands miles away seems like a problem to you?”

K: “a very big problem.”

R: “That’s what I fucking told you about.”

K: “Rob..”

R: “What?”

K: “Stop swearing.”

R: “I fucking hate you to leave me with these pics of yours, teasing me like a boss while I couldn’t do anything about it.”

K: “Rob..”

R: “I won’t fucking stop swearing!”

K: “I miss you.”

R: “I’m not going to stop swe-… what? what did you say?”

K: “I miss you.”

Hearing those three words changing everything in his mind. Hearing those three words calming him like a mother calming her child. Hearing those three words making him exhales his breath that he didn’t notice he’s holding it for awhile.

Those three words are enough to stop him from swearing.

R: “I miss you too. But I still hate you.” He says more gently now. His smile starts forming on his lips.

K: “I know. But you’re gonna love me more if you know what I’m wearing right now.” She smirks so hard and clicks the end button on her phone.

He swears again, and again, and again.

But of course, she couldn’t hear.

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